A One Fine Day Wedding

I still remember my very first day at One Fine Day Bridal. I remember being anxious and excited and being overwhelmed with the beauty of all of the gowns surrounding me. I spent part of that day just walking through the aisles of dresses, feeling the tulle, and seeing all of the sparkle. I remember putting on a wedding dress for the first time, just for fun. I got butterflies in my stomach and felt just so beautiful. I have spent two and a half years working at One Fine Day Bridal helping brides feel those exact feelings. Being anxious and excited and being overwhelmed with the beauty of all of the gowns. Watching them get butterflies in their stomach and feeling just so beautiful.

On May 31st, it was my turn! I woke up to a beautiful sunny and warm day. A day that had said rain on the forecast for weeks. A day that I had been praying for my whole life! I spent the morning with my mom and then got ready with all of the people that I love dearly!

I can honestly say, it was the happiest day of my life. It was filled with so much joy! It is so amazing to be in a room filled with all of the people that you love the most and who love and support you equally as much. While I stood up at the alter and said my vows to the love of my life, all of the stress and hard work that led up to the wedding all became worth it. People will tell you time and time again to try and stop during your wedding and just take it all in. While that is almost impossible, I really did try to do that during the ceremony. I will never forget looking into his eyes as I committed my life to him! Brides, please remember what you are doing all of the planning for! Although the engagement season of life is crazy, stressful, and a ton of work, it is 100% worth it in the end.

Blake and I chose to have Mexican food, Mexican sodas, margarita machines, and allll different types of cakes. Literally our favorite things! We wanted the day to represent us and the things that we love most- Jesus, Mexican food, and each other 🙂 I wanted white peonies for my bouquet and an array of white flowers and candles on the tables. White chairs, white tablecloths, and napkins with striped ribbon tied around them was what I dreamed of! It was so incredible to see my vision come to life!

I ended up wearing two different wedding gowns that day. I wanted to be classic and elegant for the ceremony and fun and sparkly for the reception! So many people thought that I just took the sleeves off of the first dress!! I kept it a secret from everyone except for about six people! My groom was so surprised! I am forever thankful to One Fine Day for all of their hard work on helping me find my dresses, making me feel so incredibly special, and altering them to absolute perfection!

People have already been asking me what advice that I would give to brides during the planning process and it is pretty simple, actually. My advice to brides would be to appreciate the people who have helped, supported, and blessed you in the season of being engaged. It is so easy to get stressed out and get frustrated and take that out on the people that love you, but try to remember all that these people are doing and sacrificing to make your day perfect. I will never forget all of the ways that Blake and I have been blessed throughout wedding planning. We are so humbled. Looking back, I just still can not believe how generous and selfless the people that we surround ourselves with are!

The advice that I would give for the wedding day is to just breathe. I got a little bit anxious while we were getting ready for the day, and I totally regret that now! I wish that I would have let go and just had total fun with my favorite girls! Another piece of advice that I would give is to get as much done in the beginning as possible. I had our date, venue, church, dress, colors, etc done within the first month and it made all of the difference! I am so thankful that I bought my dress with so much time in advance because it truly allowed me to picture my wedding day! So, plan like crazy in the beginning so you can enjoy it in the end 🙂

Our vendors were so incredible and I am forever thankful for all they did to make our day exactly what we dreamed of. My photographer, Abigail Edmons, went the extra mile to give me my dream photos. She was prepared, professional, personable, hilarious, so creative, and down right amazing. I will recommend her for all of time! Our videographer, Midwest Visual, blew us away. Not only is he an absolute joy to have around, he is so incredibly talented. I have watched our video probably 200 times already. Brides- if you are considering doing a video, he is your guy! Our caterer, Grant’s Catering and Wedding Dreams by Linda did the most amazing job. They took care of absolutely everything for me! From the tablecloths and flowers, to the food and silverware. They took care of everything at the ceremony and the reception! They made wedding planning so incredibly easy and I HIGHLY recommend them! Our DJ, On Point Dj, was perfect and allowed our vision to come to life! Blake and I really love music and he allowed us to be apart of it all. He is so organized, professional, and just so much fun!

So, all in all, my advice would be to enjoy this season of life. I remember the days where I just dreamed of being engaged and once I got engaged, I just dreamed of the day when I would be married. It is so hard to just stop and enjoy what is going on in your life when there are so many good things ahead, but trust me, it goes by so fast. I got an email the other day from a store that sells bridal shirts and accessories and it hit me- this season of life is over for me, but I have never been happier where my life is going. Being Blake’s wife trumps any expectations that I had before of what my life would be like. This season of life is amazing, magical, emotional, hard, stressful, and challenging, but if you choose joy in the midst of it all, your wedding day will be everything you ever dreamed of and more. Remember and remind yourself what this planning is all about!!





My Dress Story


If you have followed us for a while, you have probably heard the story of how I found my wedding dress. It was unexpected, magical, and amazing.

I have worked at One Fine Day for 2.5 years and I have loved every second of it! I have tried on every wedding dress in our store- which is definitely a perk of the job! Once I got engaged, I was SO excited to start the dress shopping experience! I had a dress picked out for six months prior and I was certain that that was the dress I would walk down the aisle in. It was everything that I thought I wanted and I chose everything about my wedding because of this dress! I set up my appointment with all of my family and friends and was so stoked for it!

One weekend at One Fine Day, we had an Essense of Australia Preview Show. This amazing event showcases the gowns that will be in the collection for the next season. How cool is that? We were some of the first to see these gowns. We spent the week prior steaming and preparing these gowns for the show. Essense of Australia sends one of their representatives (who is absolutely amazing) to our store to help lead and celebrate our brides and the Preview Show. As the Preview Show began, we decided that I should try on some of the dresses for the representative so that we could give our feedback and input on these new dresses. As I was pulling dresses to try on, this one gown caught my eye. I will never forget that moment! I immediately thought, I am going to walk down the aisle to my groom in this dress. I did not say anything about it and I put on some of the other dresses first. Once I got to this dress that caught my eye, I put it on with butterflies in my stomach. I remember putting this dress on and being taken back by it. There was this whirlwind of emotions that encompassed me. I stood there in that dress that was absolutely nothing like what I wanted and I could finally picture my wedding.

I walked out to the workers at One Fine Day and the Essense of Australia Representative and the first words out of my mouth were “I think this is my wedding dress”. The next words out of my mouth were “someone call my mom!” My mom rushed over from work to see me in my dress. I was so thankful that she was able to get there so soon! I was so taken back by this gown because it was nothing that I thought I wanted. I had loved a dress for six months and the second I put this dress on, all of those feelings about the other dress totally faded away.  I was so shocked, but so so happy.

I was surrounded by my wonderful mother, my amazing boss, Autumn, and a room full of people that loved me. It was truly one of the most special moments in my life.

I tell this story to encourage brides to go with their heart. It is okay to go with the dress that you never expected you’d buy and it is okay to be shocked by your choice! It is also okay to fall in love with a dress when you never thought you would. I was definitely not expecting to find my dress that day, but the timing was perfect.

Today, there is 11 days until my wedding day. I put my dress on this morning and stood in front of the mirror flooded with emotions and with tears in my eyes. I truly have never felt as beautiful as I do in my wedding dress. I am so thankful that I went with my heart and chose the dress that means so much to me. This dress is not just a dress. This dress is a dress that is filled with emotion and love and memories. This is a dress that I get to walk down the aisle with my dad in. This is a dress that I get to marry my best friend in. This is a dress that makes me a bride.



Wedding planning: the good, the bad, and the absolutely beautiful.


YOU’RE ENGAGED! YAY! Now, get to planning.

The best day of my life thus far was the day that the love of my life got down on one knee and asked me to be his bride. A day filled with smiles, laughs, and tears. All my life I had been planning my wedding, but once that ring was on my finger, I did not even know where to begin! I wanted to enjoy being engaged and take my time, but I also wanted to get on top of planning. Luckily, I had almost everything picked out – thanks to the years of planning my wedding via Pinterest.

The venue we chose was the one and only venue we looked at. It was perfect and everything we wanted. Our caterer took care of the food, flowers, tableware, and literally everything I could think of-which I highly recommend. Our photographer is sent from Heaven. Our videographer is absolutely incredible. My wedding dress experience with One Fine Day is something I will forever cherish. My mom has been my absolutely lifesaver and has done more for me that I can even explain. There were so many people who blessed us along the way and that is something I will forever be thankful for.

All of this to say, my wedding planning looks like an absolute breeze- but it has not felt that way all of the time. I know that this might not be true to every bride, but in my opinion, there is this weird stress that hovers over you as a bride. Whether it is budget or expectations, you always feel like you are missing something. You feel this undeniable pressure to be perfect and to have the perfect wedding.

Although my wedding planning is not yet over, I have learned so incredibly much. I have learned that the entire reason you are getting married is to spend your life with someone and your marriage has nothing to do with the colors you chose or the centerpieces that you had. One of the quotes that we always say at One Fine Day is, “You can either put the focus on the wedding or the marriage and we highly suggest putting it on the marriage”. Wedding planning has this wonderful way of opening your eyes to just how much certain people care about and love you. It is so freeing to let go of the pressures and expectations and choose joy in this season of life that goes by way too quickly.

Another piece of advice that I would always give is to appreciate the people who have come along side you in the wedding planning process. It is so easy to get so focused that you are blind to the support and love that you are being shown. Enjoy the good moments. Enjoy the trying moments. It is absolutely incredible to stop and look around at who all has blessed you in the process of marriage. This season of life will be over in the blink of an eye!

Being that we are all in the same boat here, I decided to bring together the One Fine Day Community and ask for advice along the way! I asked our current brides, past brides, and anyone at all what their best, worst, favorite, and hardest part of wedding planning was and I want to share that with you!

I rounded up some of the most commented ones and here is what they had to say:

Hardest parts of wedding planning:

  1. Choosing the music

-Google and family/friends is your best friend when it comes to picking the music. I really struggled with choosing the music, but once I decided to have fun with this part, it came easily! I really wanted to choose songs that meant something to me and that is when I started getting stressed. I finally realized that whatever songs we chose, would end up meaning more to us than any song before because it is representation and memory of our most special day. Have fun with this part! If you are super stuck, ask your DJ! They have way more experience in this aspect than any of us!

  1. Making your vision come true

-My best advice would be to trust your vendors and to ask questions. This is your wedding day and I think it is totally fine to ask your vendors questions if you have concerns or just want to check up! One of our #onefinedaybride’s said, “Have faith in the vision of your reception that everything will come together”.

  1. The expectations of others – pressure to be perfect

-Yep, this is a hard one! Like I said earlier, you can either put the focus on the wedding or the marriage and we highly suggest putting it on the marriage. Now don’t get me wrong, your wedding is IMPORTANT! I will never deny that. However, you will spend your day being surrounded by people who absolutely love you and are there to celebrate you. Hold onto that!

  1. All of the little details! More to organize/pay for than you think of.

-One of our #onefinedaybride’s suggested, “Having a wedding binder/organizer to keep track of everything was so helpful”. I absolutely love that! I have my papers and contracts thrown everywhere and I know it would have been so much easier if I was organized. Along with that, another bride mentioned that she wished she would have been paying more attention to her budget in the very beginning. I think it’s easy to get so excited and want to book everything right away, but your budget can easily get away from you if you aren’t keeping track.

  1. Everyone else! (Coordinating schedules, opinions, family members, etc.)

-Our #onefinedaybride said, “Literally do what you want. Don’t care about others opinions. Sounds harsh, but true.” I will always be the first one to tell my brides, this is YOUR day, YOUR dress, YOUR choices. Family can be so helpful and so amazing, but girl, you are the one walking down the aisle in that dress- so it better be the one you love.

My fiancé and I went through pre-marital counseling together and one of the many take a ways that I got from it was this: Our leader said to us, “You two are a family now and you have to do what is best for your family”. The content of that conversation was based off of planning schedules around the holidays with our families, but I think the same applies to every decision being made between you two! This is your wedding day and your family- do what is absolutely best for you.

  1. Guest List

-The guest list is so hard. You don’t want to hurt feelings, but you also can’t invite everyone you’ve ever met! My advice on this one is to have people at your wedding who you genuinely want there. Sounds obvious, I know. At my cousins wedding during the ceremony, their pastor had them stand and face their guests for a few minutes so they could take in everyone who was there for them. So amazing, right? When planning our guest list, I thought about that multiple times. Who would I want to look out and see?

-My mom has kept all of our guest list and addresses on an excel sheet so we can keep track. That way, I will have the addresses ready for the thank you and Christmas cards afterwards! One of our #onefinedaybrides said, “Family and Friends will help. Don’t be afraid to need/use them! You can’t do it all yourself!” I could not agree more! Let people help you!


Here are just a few of the BEST parts that our brides mentioned:

– The best thing about wedding planning was picking out my dress! I still cry thinking about it.

-Choosing the colors/decor and cake tasting

– Seeing my husband look at me from down the aisle in my dress for the first time!

– Picking out my dress.

– Seeing your designs come to life at the wedding!

– Dress shopping and accessories!

– The best part was having my mom and sister help me decide on a dress rather than a whole crew.

– Saying “I Do”- made the hard times worth it.

– The best was finding my dress at One Fine Day and seeing my mom cry tears of joy.

– Picking out the flowers!

-Feeling so much love from family and friends and feeling so supported


Here are a few more pieces of advice from our wonderful brides:

-The day goes by so fast. Try to take it all in!

– Longer engagement = less stress and more fun planning!

-Make sure to plan out transitions during the reception.

-Have a day of timeline planned!

-Go to a venue that’s a one-stop shop that comes with a coordinator!

-Remember to slow down and enjoy even the stressful moments as they are.



…Something Borrowed and Something Blue

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying…something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. This time-honored wedding tradition can stand true in many ways throughout your special day. Shades of blue are timeless, elegant, and are one of my absolute favorite wedding colors to date.

From blue pumps and unique florals to seersucker suits and opal stones, this wedding color has a way of making such a beautiful statement. Our beautiful #onefinedaybride, Raina, took this tradition to heart as her groom stood out in his very dapper seersucker suit.


Another one of our gorgeous #onefinedaybrides, Hannah, took this tradition to new heights- literally. Her something blue was used in her absolutely breathtaking backdrop. How stunning is this view? Another #onefinedaybride, Brittan, also took part in this tradition as her groom’s navy suit caught the hues of the blue sky.

Using opal stones in your bridal accessories will catch and reflect the blue hues of your wedding. Opal stones are such a unique way of incorporating your something blue into your special day.


I absolutely love watching as traditions carry throughout generations. They seem to change, while staying the same. Adding a special take on these traditions is such a beautiful way to honor all of the weddings before you!

Shades of Spring

The sun is out and the birds are chirping! Spring is upon us and I am anxiously waiting for all of the beautiful weddings to come. Every year as spring arrives, everything feels so fresh and new! We were so honored to be a part of the styled shoot that was hosted by Arielle Peters for her workshop attendees. As you can see, these photos are absolutely gorgeous and  give us major spring inspiration vibes!


One of my absolute favorite spring trends is the 3D floral applique and bold lace patterns. It is seriously stunning! It pulls such a unique take on a traditional lace gown. There is something so whimsical and magical about it!


Another one of my favorite looks for spring is a blush toned wedding gown. Your wedding colors do not have to be blush to rock this style! A slate blue, burgundy, or neutral tones will pair so beautifully with this dress color that flatters all skin tones.

Rose gold jewelry is the perfect way to dress up your bridal look in a fresh and new way! The opal stones paired with the gorgeous rose gold metal are a beautiful pairing for a spring look! I absolutely love changing up the usual silver or gold jewelry and adding such a unique and pretty color to your jewelry with the rose gold metal!

Wedding Day Dreaming – an inspirational video for all our One Fine Day Brides

When we contacted Luke at Unscripted Visuals, we knew we wanted to create a video that somehow encompassed all the magical, exciting, nerve wracking, and awesome parts of this experience. I can’t speak for all brides, but I know as a little girl, I dreamed of my wedding day and when my time came around, I was feeling all those different emotions!

We love wedding dresses because we are fascinated by love and no other garment expresses love like a wedding dress! To love and be loved in return is the greatest human experience we can go through.

I hope this video brings a smile to your face and for my brides in the midst of wedding planning, may this video remind you of all the greatness in store for you. Day after day, we are honored that we get to be a part of this great moment in life. I always say that your wedding dress is with you during really important moments and you need to feel a connection to your wedding dress.

Congratulations to my beautiful One Fine Day Brides. I pray for a beautiful wedding day, an even more beautiful marriage and for your wedding dress to give you butterflies!

All my love,

Green Bridesmaid Inspiration

So, green never used to be a color on my radar – personally or wedding related. But, I have to say that in the last year or so, I am loving the idea of incorporating green into your wedding and not by using greenery. I’m loving pulling green through the table accents, through your bridesmaid dresses, through a green velvet tux for your groom! I’m into the idea of using green in unexpected ways.

So, last week I took this grouping of green toned bridesmaid dresses:

And paired them with 3 different dresses! I love the idea of mixing and matching green toned bridesmaid dresses OR doing all of your girls in the same color! These bridesmaid dresses are all from our Sorella Vita line!

Here, is the same grouping of bridesmaid dresses paired with an ivory Mikado dress from Essense of Australia. I love the crispness that the ivory dress brings to the overall feel.

The next dress is a tulle ballgown in a color called Moscato from Martina Liana. I would qualify this Moscato color as a blush! I think incorporating a blush toned dress with green toned bridesmaid dresses provides an overall softer feel to the wedding!

Which color of wedding dress do you like better with these green bridesmaid dresses? Ivory or Moscato?

Here are some images which have fueled my love for green accents!

Green Velvet Jacket for the groom via 5ive15ifteen Wedding Photography

These green candles are giving me life!

If you’re considering green for your wedding, I hope this helped you envision how to pull it together! We would love to help you put together a mix-and-match bridesmaid palette or help you choose the perfect shade of green for your bridesmaid dresses that will pull all your details together!

Wedding Inspiration from the Arielle Peters Workshop!

Ugh, girls, the images from the styled shoot that was hosted by Arielle Peters for her workshop attendees is beyond good! Like, beyond beautiful and will have so many images for you to take inspiration from!

The list of vendors include some of my personal favorites and all will help your wedding day run smoothly! Work with people you believe in and trust and you will be in great hands!

Enjoy these stunning images!!

Venue: LaSalle Event Center
Photography + Workshop Host: Arielle Peters Photography
Florist: LB Floristry
Stylist: Stephanie Abbitt
Cake: Sweet Em’s Cake Shoppe
Makeup/Hair Artist: Something Blue Stylists
Bridal Shop: One Fine Day Bridal and Gown Boutique
Wedding Dress Designer: Essense of Australia
Tuxes: Louie’s Tux Shop
Rentals: Burns Rent-Alls: Special Events
Calligraphy: Twig & Juniper
Models: Abigail Edmons + Damon Edmons

Arielle Peters Workshop featuring Essense of Australia wedding dress from One Fine Day Bridal with Pink, Mauve and Black accents
Arielle Peters Workshop featuring Essense of Australia wedding dress from One Fine Day Bridal with Pink, Mauve and Black accents
Arielle Peters Workshop featuring Essense of Australia wedding dress from One Fine Day Bridal with Pink, Mauve and Black accents
Arielle Peters Workshop featuring Essense of Australia wedding dress from One Fine Day Bridal with Pink, Mauve and Black accents
Arielle Peters Workshop featuring Essense of Australia wedding dress from One Fine Day Bridal with Pink, Mauve and Black accents
Arielle Peters Workshop featuring Essense of Australia wedding dress from One Fine Day Bridal with Pink, Mauve and Black accents
Arielle Peters Workshop featuring Essense of Australia wedding dress from One Fine Day Bridal with Pink, Mauve and Black accents
Arielle Peters Workshop featuring Essense of Australia wedding dress from One Fine Day Bridal with Pink, Mauve and Black accents
Arielle Peters Workshop featuring Essense of Australia wedding dress from One Fine Day Bridal with Pink, Mauve and Black accents
Arielle Peters Workshop featuring Essense of Australia wedding dress from One Fine Day Bridal with Pink, Mauve and Black accents
Arielle Peters Workshop featuring Essense of Australia wedding dress from One Fine Day Bridal with Pink, Mauve and Black accents
Arielle Peters Workshop featuring Essense of Australia wedding dress from One Fine Day Bridal with Pink, Mauve and Black accents
Arielle Peters Workshop featuring Essense of Australia wedding dress from One Fine Day Bridal with Pink, Mauve and Black accents
Arielle Peters Workshop featuring Essense of Australia wedding dress from One Fine Day Bridal with Pink, Mauve and Black accents
Arielle Peters Workshop featuring Essense of Australia wedding dress from One Fine Day Bridal with Pink, Mauve and Black accents
Arielle Peters Workshop featuring Essense of Australia wedding dress from One Fine Day Bridal with Pink, Mauve and Black accents
Arielle Peters Workshop featuring Essense of Australia wedding dress from One Fine Day Bridal with Pink, Mauve and Black accents
Arielle Peters Workshop featuring Essense of Australia wedding dress from One Fine Day Bridal with Pink, Mauve and Black accents
Arielle Peters Workshop featuring Essense of Australia wedding dress from One Fine Day Bridal with Pink, Mauve and Black accents

Bridal Alterations, FAQs & FYIs

We recently sat down with Luke from Unscripted Visuals to talk about our alterations department! This video covers what to expect at your appointment, questions we frequently get regarding alterations and some things to keep in mind during the process. Keep reading for the text to this video!

Cover photo by Indigo Lace Collective

So you have scheduled your first alterations appointment, yay!  This means your wedding is almost here and in the not to far future you get to wear that beautiful wedding dress down the aisle!

Here are a few things to keep in mind

#1) Alterations is a process and we often say they are called fittings and not finishings.  You will have 3-4 fittings for standard alterations and 4-5 if you’re doing customizations such as adding a sleeve!  Your dress won’t be perfect at your second fitting but keep in mind that by time you walk down that aisle, your dress is going to fit you so beautifully!

#2) Alterations are a separate cost.  We charge by the service being done and you will be given an estimate at your first fitting.  We ask that ½ of the estimate is paid at your first fitting.  The balance is due at your final fitting.

#3) You do want to limit the number of people you bring to your fittings.  Your fitting will last for 1 hour and we do a lot of things in that hour so to keep the appointment forward moving, we ask that you only bring 2 guests with you.  Now, if you have extended family you want to show your dress to, we encourage you to make an appointment to do just that!  That way you can show all your loved ones your amazing dress without being pulled away for alterations questions!

#3) It’s very important to bring your shoes and any special undergarments you plan on wearing to each of your fittings.  We’ll mark your hem at your first fitting and then check it at the 2nd.  We’ll check your bustle at your 3rd fitting so it’s really important to have your shoes with you each time!

#4) If you have questions or concerns never, never hesitate to let us know.  We always say we can’t fix what we don’t know about so if something feels weird on the dress or you aren’t totally pleased with something, you just need to let us know.  You won’t hurt our feelings and at the end of the day, we have the same goals for you and we are on your team!!

How the process works:

You’ll want to make your first appointment for 8-10 weeks before you wedding.  I would recommend making your appointment at least 2 weeks in advance but if you know your schedule now, there is no such thing as too early to get your fittings on the schedule!

You’ll meet with one of our highly trained seamstresses and we will begin to fit the dress to your specific figure!  The first fitting will last 1 hour and we’ll be pinning all the work to be completed on your dress.  At the second fitting, we’ll be checking the work that was done and seeing if any other tweaks need to be made.  Plan on 60 minutes for your 2nd fitting!  At your 3rd fitting, we will teach you how to bustle your dress, how to sit down, how to use the restroom, fun things like that! 

We like to do your last fitting 2 weeks before you wedding to ensure the fit is still good and you are welcome to take your dress with you at your last fitting or you can pick it up at our boutique the week of your wedding.  Regardless of when you pick up your dress, we will give it a final steam.

As always, never hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have!  Bridal alterations may be a new experience for you and we want to ease your concerns and answer any of your questions. 

Super Sample Sale 2019

We host a sample sale once a year and 2019’s Super Sample Sale will take place on April 7th from 12:00-5:00!

What is a Super Sample Sale? This is a one-day event where we offer select wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and accessories for sale at a deep discount. We don’t do any sales throughout the year so this is the one time to snag yourself an amazing deal! In order to make room for all of the new wedding dresses that will be arriving in June, we will be selling over 60 wedding dresses off the rack, as-is. So, the dress you see and try on is the dress you will be purchasing!

We have a couple of modifications in store for this years SSS! The main being that we are taking appointments! This only applies to you if you are looking at wedding dresses. If you are looking at bridesmaid dresses or accessories, appointments aren’t needed! We will have 12 appointments available starting at 12:00 and going to 3:00. Then, we will have walk-in hours from 3:00-5:00!

Here are some helpful hints to prepare for your SSS appointment!
1. We will have a Pinterest page go live 1 week before the SSS. This will allow you to pre-shop the SSS so you can come in with an idea of what dresses you’d like to try on!
2. You will have your own dressing room and a consultant assigned to that room. While the consultant won’t be in your room, assisting you as we would a non sample sale appointment, they are there to answer any questions you have or help you pull similar styles. Definitely utilize them, especially if you need help locating something!
3. You have access to our 3-way mirrors at the center of the boutique but keep in mind you only have 45 minutes to try dresses on so we recommend spending most of your time in your fitting room (this is also why we ask you to limit your guests).
4. Keep in mind these are sample dresses that have been tried on by other brides. Some wear and tear is to be expected but the prices have been adjusted to reflect that!
5. Most of our dresses will be street clothes size 8-12. Alterations are to be expected of any dress you purchase but that’s true even if you bought a brand new dress in your size!
6. We will not be offering alterations on any samples purchased. This is something we’ve had to change this year due to being understaffed in our alterations department!

In order to keep this event as fair as possible we have a few rules in place!
1. There is a 5 dress limit in the dressing rooms at any one time! As you remove 1 dress, you can bring another one in but there can only be 5 dresses in your room at one time.
2. NO HOLDING DRESSES! We will ask you to put back any dress that a member of your party is holding for you. It’s just not fair to the other brides in attendance and we really try to be as fair to all of our guests as possible so thank you for understanding!
3. Please limit your party to max of 3 guests.
4. This is a cash and carry sale and we will be accepting cash or any major credit cards. Checks will not be accepted!
5. All sales are final. Because of the nature of this sale you need to be prepared to make a decision on the dress that day. We will not be holding dresses.

Edited: All of our appointments booked up within 24 hours after our Instagram Stories announcement! We opened up 4 more appointment times but remember that open hours start at 3:00 and there will be at least 3 rooms for your use. All the same rules apply to our open hours.

Don’t worry if you aren’t able to snag an appointment! There are over 60 dresses available! I can promise it will be worth your time to just come see what’s available!

There will be 2 fittings rooms open for your bridesmaids to try dresses on. You do not need an appointment for bridesmaids. It will be a wait in line situation. This worked for us last year so we’ll be doing the same next year. In regards to bridesmaids: it is always insanity right when we open and then by 12:45 the bridesmaid section is dead. We will have over 90 bridesmaid dresses for sale in lots of wearable, pretty colors so trust me when I say you’ll be fine to come by later in the day to shop the bridesmaid section.

There is only 1 rule for bridesmaids and that is a max of 5 dresses per person to try on at any one time. If you want to try on 5 more dresses after your initial selection, you’ll have to get back into line.

All of our bridesmaids will be on sale for $49.50 + tax! These dresses are normally priced at $260-$320 so it’s a great time to buy your dress for that upcoming wedding!

You also do not need an appointment for accessories! They will be displayed on a couple tables out front. There won’t be any earrings and only a couple veils for sale. BUT, we will have a lot of headpieces and sashes for sale!!

cover photo by Indigo Lace Collective