1 dress, different bodies

Gabi, my sales manager, and I sat down this week to talk about 2019 goals. We have always had this desire to promote, foster and encourage body positivity. You want to look and feel amazing on your wedding day and we want to help you achieve that starting with your appointment with us, going through your final fitting.

So many of our brides follow us on social media and bring in pictures from our Instagram page (which we love). A lot of what you see on our social media pages are dresses on 1 body. We want to give you more tools to help you walk into your bridal appointment with confidence and excitement!

There are several of us here that are happy (understatement) to put on wedding dresses to give you an idea of how the dress looks on different figures. I always say that a dress will look completely different on every bride. We are individuals with different figures and different styles. It’s so amazing that one dress can translate so well to different figures and styles!

We hope you love this new feature! To give you an idea of what you can expect, here is Alex, Gabi and myself all wearing the same Essense of Australia dress (style D2587)

Here it is on the model:

Alex is 5’4” with an athletic body type, a large bust and small hips.

Gabi is 5’6” with a pear shaped body, a small bust and larger hips.

Autumn is 5’3” with an apple shaped body, a large bust and small hips.

Brittan is 5’8″ with an hourglass figure!

This dress looks amazing on all of us because a good quality wedding dress is going to make you feel comfortable and when you feel comfortable your beauty shines easily through. We can’t wait to bring you all more of this! If you put on a dress and you feel beautiful, we’ve done our job! Hopefully this just gives you more of an idea of how different dresses fit different shapes!

Until next time loves,

Now Hiring for our Alterations Department!

We are looking to add a few friendly faces to our alterations team! We are looking for someone who is:
hard working
detail oriented
enjoys working with people
thinks quickly on their feet

You don’t need to have bridal alteration experience – we will train – but a basic knowledge of sewing is recommended. Your responsibilities will include bridal fittings with our brides and altering wedding dresses. We are a tight-knit group of helpful women so if you’re looking for a workplace that is drama-free, encouraging and has room for pay growth, consider One Fine Day! This career is flexible but being able to work 1 Saturday a month is a must.

The position will be full time and is an hourly position. Starting pay is $10/hour during training and will be increased once the training period is completed. Raises are given for quality of work and great attitude. Our busy season is March through October but you will be able to keep up full time hours (if you choose to) during our slow season which is between November and February.

We have an in-depth training program that will set you up for success! After completed, you’ll feel comfortable working one-on-one with our brides and will feel fully prepared to fit any dress. Our team has decades of experience and there is a lot of wisdom to be shared! If you have a background in basic sewing, costuming and theater or have made your own clothes, bridal alterations is an easy transition for you.

If interested, you can drop off your resume at One Fine Day Bridal (5310 Coldwater Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana) or you can email Autumn@onefinedaybridalandgown.com. Always feel free to stop in through the week and ask to talk to Autumn! Feel free to call as well (260) 483-8000.

We hope you consider this opportunity to help brides feel beautiful and contribute to their very important day!

Take a selfie at One Fine Day, win a Target gift card!

Gabi and I were talking this week about how much we appreciate our Instagram followers and how we want to give back.  So, we came up with a fun little giveaway! The gist is to take a selfie here at One Fine Day OR in your dress you purchased from us and tag #OneFineDayBridalSelfie!  It’s that simple!  The contest ends July 31st and the winner will be announced on August 3rd!

Here are some rules:

  1. You must follow us on Instagram (@OneFineDayBridal)
  2. The selfie has to be taken at our boutique or wearing one of our dresses (so past brides are eligible)
  3. Tag us with #OneFineDayBridalSelfie
  4. A name will be drawn from all the eligible entries and a winner will be announced on Friday, August 3rd.
  5. We will DM the winner through Instagram and they’ll have 48 hours to get back to us!  If they don’t get back to us, we will draw another name!
  6. As a (legal) side note: Instagram is not associated with this giveaway and is not sponsoring, endorsing, or administering this giveaway.

What do you win?  A $75 Target gift card!  We want to thank you for following us.  If you have questions, get in contact with us!

Super Sample Sale 2018

Mark your calendars: Sunday, April 22nd from 12:00-4:00.  No appointments – first come, first served!

Ah, the Super Sample Sale.  It is a weekend we looked forward to literally all year.  It is a high energy, great deals are a plenty and the brides are so much fun!  It is a bit of an organized crazy but to ensure it stays more organized than crazy, we have a few guidelines:

  1. It is on a 1st come, 1st served basis!  Last year, we had girls lined up starting around 9am.  We’ll open the doors at 12:00 and will come out and grab everyone’s information prior to the sale.  We have 6 dresses rooms so there will be 6 brides trying on dresses at a time!
  2. If you are only looking at accessories and don’t need access to the dressing rooms, you don’t have to wait in the “bridal” line when the doors open.  I’ll still take your information but you can come on in and start browsing around!
  3. The sale is from 12:00-4:00.  Last year, we were busy from till 3:00 and then it died down (just as a heads up!)
  4. We will have a Pinterest page where you’ll be able to pre-shop the sale and will let you know as soon as it goes live!
  5. There will be a 5 dress limit in the dressing room.  You’re can bring in 5 dresses and as you release 1 back to us, you can grab another dress!
  6. You get 45 minutes in the dressing room.  The 45 minutes starts when you actual go into the dressing room to start trying on dresses, not when you start looking through the dresses.
  7. All sales are final and the item has to be paid for in full (minus #9 below)!  The great thing about this Super Sample Sale is you’re going to get some great deals on dresses and accessories, but that does come with a couple of stipulations, the fact that all sales are final and payment is due in full at time of purchase being two of them!
  8. We are offering 2 different packages this year!  For $40 we will store the dress in our boutique for you until your wedding!  The 2nd package, is that for $75 we will spot clean and repair minor wears and tears for you!  Minor wears and tears include replacing missing beads, stitching tears in tulle, replacing buttons, etc.  We also will only spot clean.  We don’t actually recommend getting your dress professionally cleaned before your wedding.
  9. We are also offering a payment package for dresses over $1,000!  Items under $1,000 have to be paid for in full at checkout but if you’re dress is over $1,000 you have the option to pay a 75% of it at the SSS and then the remaining balance within 60 days!  There is a $20 fee to do the delayed payment but this is an option for those dresses above $1,000.
  10. Most of the dresses are sizes 12 and 14.  We will have around 5 plus size dresses in sizes 20-24, however!
  11. Lastly, only cash or credit cards will be accepted!

Keep in mind these are sample dresses!  Some light wear and tear is to be expected but the prices will be adjusted to reflect that!  If you have questions, never hesitate to let us know!


What is our Essense Sneak Peek Trunk Show?

Out of all the events we’ve ever hosted, this has to be the one I am MOST excited about.  We love Essense of Australia; like we have a deep love affair with them and the fact that our brides get to be the first to see these dresses makes us giddy!  Before I get too fan-girl on you, let’s go over some basic information about the event:

What is a Sneak Peek Trunk Show?

Our designer, Essense of Australia, will be sending us not-yet-released dresses for our brides to try on and buy before they get debuted to bridal boutiques in the Fall.


When is this awesome event?

May 4th and 5th!!


So, you’re saying One Fine Day Brides will get to see these dresses before bridal boutiques do?

Yes!!  This is what is so exciting about this event!  You will be able to buy a wedding dress that won’t be in stores until early 2019.  Talk about being ahead of the curve and looking completely different from all other weddings!


Okay, what gives?  This sounds amazing!

Right?!  There is nothing too different about this weekend than any other weekend here at the boutique except THAT YOU GET TO SEE WEDDING DRESSES BEFORE ANY ONE ELSE IN THE COUNTRY DOES!  Sorry for the caps, I am just super excited for this event.


What do I need to know before making my appointment for this event?

Because these are dresses that are not (for a certainty) part of the final collection shown in the Fall, the style you fall in love with during your appointment, might not be available to purchase later that same week so you really have to come to your appointment prepared to say yes if you fall in love with a dress.

Also because of the nature of this event, your wedding has to be December 2019 or after.  If your wedding is before this we would love to have you in, we might just ask if you have another weekend available!

Lastly, pictures will not be allowed.  We want to honor the designer’s creative privacy and as such pictures won’t be allowed during this event.


I’m totally in, how do I make my appointment?

Yay!  Call us at (260) 483-8000, email Amy at info@onefinedaybridalandgown.com or visit our Contact page to make your appointment!

We hope you’ll join us and be sure to make your appointment ASAP!

Much love,

A One Fine Day Wedding


My name is Amy, and I am the newest Bridal Consultant at One Fine Day. However, work is not the only place where I am focused on weddings. I am currently planning my own wedding – which happens to be this Saturday! So, one could say that my life is completely filled with wedding festivities at all hours of the day during this hectic week leading up to my own wedding .

How we met

I met my fiancé, Austin, on the steps of our high school after one of his football games. We instantly hit it off and began dating when I was a junior and he was a senior. Austin and I realized that we had actually gone to the same elementary/middle school, but we had never met since he was in the grade above me. We have even found some old pictures from when he played football in junior high and I was a cheerleader – and we were standing right next to each other never knowing that one day we would officially meet and get married!

How we chose our date

Austin got down on one knee and proposed to me on Thanksgiving of 2015. We knew that we wanted to have a summer wedding, mostly because Austin is still in Pharmacy school and it would be easier for us to get married while he had a break from his classes. We settled on July 15, which ended up being the most convenient weekend for the majority of our family and friends!

A little bit about our ceremony

Our ceremony is being held at the church that Austin and I have both grown up going to, and our reception is at the Ramada Plaza and Conference Center (formerly known as Hotel Fort Wayne). The main reason that we chose the Ramada was because they are very involved in every event that is held there. They cater all of the food for their events, and they have their own decorations that we chose to use instead of worrying about bringing our own. They coordinate with all of our vendors and set up/tear down the decorations on the day of the wedding. In short, the Ramada seemed to be the venue that, if chosen, would result in the least amount of stress for my fiancé and I on our big day (which was our main goal while planning our wedding).

Week of the wedding emotions

During this week leading up to our wedding, I haven’t been too stressed out or anxious – at least not yet. I have just been finishing up some last minute details like wrapping bridesmaid gifts (or in my fiancé’s case, picking out his gifts at the last minute), finalizing the seating chart, and writing out place cards. At the beginning of the week I made sure to write out a detailed schedule for the members of our bridal party so that they knew exactly when and where they needed to be this weekend. I thought that it was a good idea to touch base with them early in the week so that we could work out any problems or conflicts before the day of the wedding. I am trying my best not to be a “bridezilla” and to not worry about things that may go wrong this weekend – because something is bound to go wrong at every wedding. Instead, I am focusing on the main reason why we are all coming together on Saturday. I get to marry my best friend that day, and even if everything goes wrong, I will still be happy.

I’m getting married!

With all of that being said, I am more than excited for this Saturday! As of right now, I am really only nervous about the possibility of my fiancé, or my dad, tripping over the train of my dress during the ceremony. Speaking of my dress (which I found at One Fine Day), be sure to follow One Fine Day on Instagram so that you can see which dress I chose! Also, stay tuned for my next blog post to find out how the day went and if there was anything that I would have done differently throughout the whole wedding planning process!

Until next time,


Handpicked With Love

Eddy K

Ah, Chicago Bridal Market was an absolute blast, memories were made, dresses were purchased and I finally got to see where the magic happens. Every year we are offered the chance to go, year one I was sick and last market I was 9 months pregnant, moody and my feet graciously said no thanks. Autumn and her mom, Janet I must say are market pros and to watch these ladies in action was an experience all on its own. Clearly I know Autumn is a bridal genius, but how do you know what lines to pick up? Will brides like these? Do the price points make sense? Man, I had a lot to learn, but I was ready!

Bridal Market is a 4 day event, but they usually knock everything out in a day. Everything is done in a building called Merchandise Mart. Some of these designers had their “booths” done to the 9’s, furniture, decorations and best of all really amazing cookies. Of course Essense of Australia was no exception and we just love our sales rep., Bridgette. Like I said this was my first experience, but I could tell she made the purchasing process easy and it was fun to mingle around the table chatting about the new line. Brides, you are going to be excited about new crepe designs, delicate lace trains and interesting backs.

And now ladies I am going to need a Clark Griswold drum roll, we have two new lines coming to the boutique! Autumn has been researching and researching and after seeing the lines in person we have added Eddy K and Calla Blanche to the OFD family. These are two totally different lines, and I’m excited to get everyone acquainted!

Right when we walked into the booth we were greeted by Allan, a sales rep from Canada that has worked for Eddy K for over 11. He had great energy; he went through each dress individually which is so helpful to us consultants. Each of these dresses are designed in Milan, and their attention to detail gives the best fit for brides. The delicate lace gives brides a relaxed fit with a splash of sexy.  If you are a bride looking for a contrasting color, they have a beautiful champagne and light gold and it really creates a clean look.

Calla Blanche is a totally different design spectrum, but these dresses definitely create a wow factor for brides. They have it all, plunging necklines, beaded bodices, intricate trains and sleeves that lay beautifully on the skin. It’s pretty cool to be a part of handpicking each gown and envisioning future brides in these gowns. Autumn really took into consideration our opinions and at the end of the day it is her decision, but she makes us feel like a team.  We can’t wait for these gowns to arrive and add some flair to the Midwest!



One Fine Who?

Autumn with clients

On one of my first days as a Bridal Consultant, I looked around at the boutique and just couldn’t believe that this was my “office.”  Two years later, I really feel like I have found my niche and I cannot explain the feeling of dressing up a bride for her special day. Brides are going to remember this experience for life and making a positive impact on a bride’s big day is why I love my job.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Haley and I am a bridal consultant here at One Fine Day.  I have been married to my husband Tyler for four years and we just added a little guy to our family named Cole who is 4 months now. My friends that have known me since the second grade will tell you that I haven’t changed a bit, and am still a Packer-loving tom boy who loves the simple things in life. I never thought I would end up in bridal land, but I’m a people person who loves shiny things! So now that we’re acquainted, let me introduce to you the creator and mastermind behind all of the prettiness.

Meet Autumn, the owner and founder of One Fine Day Bridal and Gown Boutique. She truly has a passion for brides and knows the ins and outs of this business. When people say, “Oh you can tell you love what you do”, I have her to thank because I have learned from the best and consider myself lucky to have her as a mentor!  Her inspiration for One Fine Day came about when her and her mom, Janet, went to Chicago to shop for her own bridal gown. She fell in love with the boutique and service and wanted to open her own in Fort Wayne. After months of research and planning, and with the help of her family, she created her very own boutique! The windows speak for themselves and if you haven’t been in to take a peek, I recommend stopping in to see what all of the fuss is about.

From the moment I stepped into this position, they have welcomed me into the OFD family and I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. We are rewarded everyday by putting smiles on brides’ faces and bringing them to happy tears when they find “the one.” Let me tell you that I am a sap and I love to cry with my brides, and these tears always reassure me that this is where I belong.

So we decided to take our experiences, stories and whatever else the bridal world throws at us to our readers. It’s a way to really connect with our brides and customers in a laid back way and for you to really understand who One Fine Day really is. I would love to have your input as well; if you have anything you would like me to write about please comment!