Super Sample Sale


Okay so here’s the deal, if you are a bride looking for the best deal on a designer gown, don’t make plans for April 9th or 10th. We are marking everything down (we’re talking up to 75% off the original price) to make room for all of our new lovelies! You’ll find gowns from Lazaro, Amsale, Blush by Hayley Paige, Alvina Valenta and Allure Couture just to name a few of the top designers.  Gowns are going to start as low as $250 and range all the way up to $1,450. That being said, there are 156 gowns under $1,000! All of our special order gowns and accessories will be put away so the whole boutique will be a part of the sale!

Even though our special order ladies will be taking a vacation in our backroom, we will have quite a few in the sale and by quite a few we mean over 150 bridal gowns, 60 accessory pieces and 50 bridesmaid dresses!   That being said this is only a two day sale so we won’t be able to hold any dresses and prices will go back up on Tuesday, April 11th. All sales will be final so we really want you to love the dress you choose and not just the price, come in with a price point and stick with it. Our seamstresses have done their best over the winter months to really get these gowns in good condition. That being said these dresses are on the sales floor and do get tried on so expect there to be some wear and tear.

You’ll have 45 minutes to try on gowns but only 5 gowns are allowed in your room at a time. We ask that you keep your party to a 3 guest maximum since you’ll mainly be in our dressing rooms.  Our stations out on the main floor are free to use, but we will encourage you to spend your time in the dressing room since you only have 45 minutes.  We want you to get the most use out of your time!  If you do decide you need more time you are more than welcome to hop back in line! Our consultants will be around to assist as needed; we are just not going to be as hands on as we would for an appointment. That being said we are here to help you find your dream gown and we are happy to answer any questions on fit, make a recommendation, etc.

Let’s talk about bridal sizing, because it can be a shock to a lot of brides and they never run true to size. Please don’t get down on yourself when it comes to bridal sizing, they are European sizes so they always go down at least two sizes, sometimes three depending on the designer. Our sizes ranges from 10’s to 14’s, so a 10 is more like a 6 or an 8 in street clothes and a 14 is more like a 10 or 12.

I really just want to inform every one of how the day is going to play out, not scare you with a bunch of instructions! We have all seen the Kleinfeld’s sample sale and it looks like pure madness so we thought we would lay down some ground rules so everyone plays nice. I just wanted to hit on a few key points, click on the link below for the full description of the sale! We are excited to meet our new brides, so bring cash or your credit card and be ready to pay in full! 



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