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My name is Amy, and I am the newest Bridal Consultant at One Fine Day. However, work is not the only place where I am focused on weddings. I am currently planning my own wedding – which happens to be this Saturday! So, one could say that my life is completely filled with wedding festivities at all hours of the day during this hectic week leading up to my own wedding .

How we met

I met my fiancé, Austin, on the steps of our high school after one of his football games. We instantly hit it off and began dating when I was a junior and he was a senior. Austin and I realized that we had actually gone to the same elementary/middle school, but we had never met since he was in the grade above me. We have even found some old pictures from when he played football in junior high and I was a cheerleader – and we were standing right next to each other never knowing that one day we would officially meet and get married!

How we chose our date

Austin got down on one knee and proposed to me on Thanksgiving of 2015. We knew that we wanted to have a summer wedding, mostly because Austin is still in Pharmacy school and it would be easier for us to get married while he had a break from his classes. We settled on July 15, which ended up being the most convenient weekend for the majority of our family and friends!

A little bit about our ceremony

Our ceremony is being held at the church that Austin and I have both grown up going to, and our reception is at the Ramada Plaza and Conference Center (formerly known as Hotel Fort Wayne). The main reason that we chose the Ramada was because they are very involved in every event that is held there. They cater all of the food for their events, and they have their own decorations that we chose to use instead of worrying about bringing our own. They coordinate with all of our vendors and set up/tear down the decorations on the day of the wedding. In short, the Ramada seemed to be the venue that, if chosen, would result in the least amount of stress for my fiancé and I on our big day (which was our main goal while planning our wedding).

Week of the wedding emotions

During this week leading up to our wedding, I haven’t been too stressed out or anxious – at least not yet. I have just been finishing up some last minute details like wrapping bridesmaid gifts (or in my fiancé’s case, picking out his gifts at the last minute), finalizing the seating chart, and writing out place cards. At the beginning of the week I made sure to write out a detailed schedule for the members of our bridal party so that they knew exactly when and where they needed to be this weekend. I thought that it was a good idea to touch base with them early in the week so that we could work out any problems or conflicts before the day of the wedding. I am trying my best not to be a “bridezilla” and to not worry about things that may go wrong this weekend – because something is bound to go wrong at every wedding. Instead, I am focusing on the main reason why we are all coming together on Saturday. I get to marry my best friend that day, and even if everything goes wrong, I will still be happy.

I’m getting married!

With all of that being said, I am more than excited for this Saturday! As of right now, I am really only nervous about the possibility of my fiancé, or my dad, tripping over the train of my dress during the ceremony. Speaking of my dress (which I found at One Fine Day), be sure to follow One Fine Day on Instagram so that you can see which dress I chose! Also, stay tuned for my next blog post to find out how the day went and if there was anything that I would have done differently throughout the whole wedding planning process!

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