Ireland: Moore Hall

An abandoned mansion in the middle of the woods…hmm..all of my scary movie watching days were coming back to me! When we stumbled upon this mansion, the sun was shining on it so beautifully and there was such a peace to it. This home was literally smack dab in the center of the woods! It was breathtaking! The inside of this home was covered in ivy and it was so beautiful. You could see the floor plan of this home, where the fireplace was, where the bedrooms would have been and it is something I will never forget.

The Catalina gown from our Lily Rose Collection was the absolute best choice for this location! This cape from Sara Gabriel gave it the ethereal look we were going for! This gorgeous ballgown showcases the waistline so beautifully and has the most stunning plunging neckline!

The woods surrounding this house had some of the tallest trees I had ever seen! It seriously felt like we were in the most whimsical forest ever!