Ireland: An Evening in Dublin

When things don’t go as planned, sometimes it ends up being better than what was originally imagined. We went to an abandoned Abbey this morning and although it was incredible, it was not the location we ended up wanting for this dress. We showed up to our hotel in Dublin, The Westbury, and right away we knew this was the perfect location for this dress! This was one of the most stunning hotels I had ever stayed at! The black iron and green ivy contrasted this dress so perfectly!

We chose to Riviera gown for this shoot because, well, look at it! The Riviera gown is from our Lily Rose Collection and it is everything and more. We shot this dress earlier in the week at Mullaghmore Head, an beautiful beach with the most earthy feel. I love how this dress can be worn at any location. It is versatile, classic, and down right beautiful!!

These shots are some of my favorite from the shoot because although its glamorous, it is also effortless and that is my favorite combo! The bellmen from this hotel came up to us as we were taking pictures and said, “take photos of her on the steps!” So, we did, and they ended up being some of our favorite photos from the entire trip!